“Television is a Gift of God.”

Philo T. Farnsworth (August 19, 1906 – March 11, 1971)

Today in history (in 1927), Philo Farnsworth demonstrated, to his lab assistants, the first image (of a single line) on a television receiver. “There you are – electronic television!”

And our lives have never been the same.


Do you want to see the birth chart of a boy genius?

I rectified his chart by noting his marriage to Pem as happening @ 19 years of age with the position of Venus in Libra (6th House). The stellium of planets in Leo (Mercury/Mars conjunct and Sun/Moon conjunct) probably accounts for his “boy genius” reputation. The double Yod pointing at Saturn and Mercury shows the correctness of this designation. This man was the gift from God.

Now, look at the invention chart: that inconjunct between the Moon and Neptune is the broadest hint we have that television would be used to fascinate the masses. A similar stellium to the one in his birth chart is active in Virgo (10th House). This time Venus and Mercury are conjunct. At the same time, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Aries.

There is lots of energy here.

Putting the two charts together, we get this:

That significant Yod pointing to the ‘invention’ Moon ties Farnsworth’s Sun and Pluto together. There are other inconjuncts, but the Sun/Pluto trigger is what is interesting.

I suspect that the Devil had a hand in it.

The final word is Philo’s:

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