Canada’s 17th Prime Minister Held That Office for 79 Days

John Turner (June 7, 1929 – September 19, 2020)

His is the story that didn’t turn out the way we all expected it to. His tenure as Prime Minister lasted from June 30, 1984 until September 17, 1984. Then he became the Leader of the Opposition during Brian Mulroney’s time in office, until 1990.

He died in his sleep, early Saturday morning.

This is a rectified time (rated C on most astrology sites). My own computer program had a time of 1:30 pm, but that made some of the planetary placements a little ‘too late’ to be correct. Uranus represents his being a Rhodes Scholar. Venus represents his marriage at almost 33 years of age.

The North Node seems to indicate the timing of his becoming Leader of the Liberal Party in Canada. Jupiter may be when he returned to civilian life. (And, if I’m honest, this could have been even further rectified by another half hour more, but it’s good enough for our purposes.) That inconjunct between his Nadir/Saturn and Jupiter says it all. It wasn’t meant to be…

This is John Turner’s death chart. By itself, it shows the stresses that we’re all under at this particular time. How they affected him is demonstrated when you combine the two charts.

Since Mr. Turner died in his sleep, the exact time of his death is not known, with some news reports suggesting late Friday night, others, early Saturday morning. I’ve chosen 1:00 am because it pulls two powerful conjunctions into focus: the ‘death’ Ascendant with his ‘natal’ Pluto; and his ‘fatal’ Sun with his ‘birth’ Ascendant. This shows what a ‘natural’ death would look like. And the one bright spark is the conjunction between his ‘natal’ Mars and the ‘fatal’ Venus.

His Royal Claim to Fame

The young lawyer caused a stir when he danced with Princess Margaret at a party in 1959, giving rise to speculation that the two would become a couple. The two remained friends for life. (The Guardian, yesterday)

To see an excerpt from the letter that Margaret wrote a friend from Kensington Palace on May 16, 1966, see this post from the CBC in 2015.

(And, surprisingly, I’d never known this before.)

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