The Man Behind the Villains We Love to Hate

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Alan Rickman (February 21, 1946 – January 14, 2016)

There is no direct route of my thinking that brought me to this post. While reading Hello From Heaven, I thought back to the film “Truly, Madly, Deeply” from 1990. In it, Alan Rickman plays Jamie, a deceased musician, who comes back from the Other Side to comfort his girlfriend, Nina, played by Juliet Stevenson:

Obviously, Alan isn’t the villain of the film, but it reminds us of how versatile he is as an actor. And how much we miss him, since his death in 2016 (five weeks before his 70th birthday).

Every astrological site states that Alan Rickman’s birth time is unknown, so they choose either dawn or midday. What’s wrong with good old-fashioned chart rectification?

Alan Rickman met his future partner and (later) wife, Rima Horton, when he was 19 years old. So I set the dial for Venus to that age, and the result is a birth time of 6:45 pm. There, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?

The way the planets then line up makes for an interesting ‘man behind the mask’ scenario. Pluto is in Leo in the 11th House (of Groups and Associations) and Juliet Stevenson says that Alan was like the steering wheel of their acting group. Neptune (which I associate with all actors and actresses) is in the final degrees of his 1st House (of Personality). The planet was in Libra (Balance and Relationships). Those two planets are both inconjunct Venus in Pisces, forming a Yod (Finger of God).

His ‘wife’ was his ‘life’.

The Uranus/Midheaven conjunction in Gemini probably gave him the ability to play both the hero and the villain in his chosen profession. He always brought a sense of spiritual menace to his roles. And his motivation for excellence didn’t come from the glory of winning an award for his acting ability: I believe it came from the perfection of the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer in the 10th House (of Occupation).

Death Chart

The precise time of Rickman’s death is not known, so I set the time for when the press released a statement about it. Time’s report was @ 8:07 am EST (so I added 5 hours for GMT). The Guardian‘s report was @ 14:07 GMT. Hmm. Same minute, but one hour difference. I’m sticking with 1:07 GMT. (In truth it could be up to 12 hours earlier.)

Saturn, the Grim Reaper, had just crossed his Descendant line of the ‘death’ chart. I’ll consider that a hit. But we cannot know the overall effect until we combined the charts.

Lots of connections here: natal Pluto conjunct ‘fatal’ Part of Fortune; natal Moon conjunct ‘fatal’ Mars; natal Venus conjunct ‘fatal’ Neptune; natal Uranus/Midheaven conjunct ‘fatal’ Ascendant, opposite ‘fatal’ Saturn. Now the Yod (from his natal Neptune and Pluto inconjuncts) is pointing at his ‘fatal’ Neptune. (It has been stated that he didn’t realize how quickly his pancreatic cancer could kill him.)

The Last Words are Alan’s

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