Was Alexander the Great Assassinated at Age 32?

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Alexander the Great (July 20, 356 BC – June 10, 323 BC)

It’s one of those great mysteries. After drinking some wine, he died two weeks later. Was the wine poisoned? Did someone want him out of the way? Maybe astrology can help us see the ‘bigger’ picture.

As you can see the date has been changed to a ‘new style’ July 15th. I have rectified the chart to make his ascension to the throne occur when he’s about 20 (Saturn in Taurus). That allowed his Ascendant to move to 0 Sagittarius, the sign of a man in constant motion. The Pluto position in Aries indicates that he was tutored in the sciences and philosophy as a teenager by Aristotle. It may also be when he started to believe his mother’s story of his being the son of Zeus. The Mars position hints at his death at 32.

Now let’s look at his death:

Again, I’ve rectified the chart, but this time to ensure that Neptune (Mystery) in Scorpio (Hidden Matters) in the 12th House (of Unconsciousness) is very close to the Ascendant. As it turns out the time brings the same degree of Sagittarius Rising. It will make the combined charts easier to read together. The resulting double Yod points at this conjunction between Neptune and the Ascendant, with Venus and Saturn making the inconjuncts. Does this mean one was in the government and the other ‘close to him’?

Uranus and Pluto are conjunct in Taurus; the Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Gemini. The two ‘lights’ square to Mars implies murder. The opposition of Uranus/Pluto to Neptune/Ascendant means there was a conspiracy.

Let’s look at the combined charts now:

See how the charts align? Now we have a Yod pointing at his ‘natal’ Ascendant (from his ‘fatal’ Venus and ‘fatal’ Saturn) and a second one pointing at his ‘fatal’ Venus (from his ‘natal’ Moon and ‘natal’ Ascendant). Looks like his mother was somehow involved in the event. One can only imagine why. Perhaps this paragraph from Wikipedia will help us.

“Given the propensity of the Macedonian aristocracy to assassination, foul play featured in multiple accounts of his death. Diodorus, Plutarch, Arrian and Justin all mentioned the theory that Alexander was poisoned. Justin stated that Alexander was the victim of a poisoning conspiracy, Plutarch dismissed it as a fabrication, while both Diodorus and Arrian noted that they mentioned it only for the sake of completeness. The accounts were nevertheless fairly consistent in designating Antipater, recently removed as Macedonian viceroy, and at odds with Olympias, as the head of the alleged plot. Perhaps taking his summons to Babylon as a death sentence and having seen the fate of Parmenion and Philotas, Antipater purportedly arranged for Alexander to be poisoned by his son Iollas, who was Alexander’s wine-pourer.”

Well, now we know, don’t we?

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Was he immortal? No, according to a quote attributed to him: “Sex and sleep alone make me conscious that I am mortal.”


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