The City of Alexandria Connects These Two Romans

Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius)
Caracalla (Marcus Aurelius Antonius)

Are They Both Reincarnations of Alexander the Great?

We are into the speculative mind of my imagination. I have NO proof, except for astrology. Let’s explore these two individuals’ connections, other than their names.

Do you see that Yod? Antony’s Midheaven is the focus of Caracalla’s Sun and Pluto. And Antony’s North Node is exactly conjunct to Caracalla’s Pluto. Also Antony’s Jupiter is trine Caracalla’s Ascendant/Jupiter and Caracalla’s Mars/Neptune. Finally, Antony’s Mars is conjunct Caracalla’s Midheaven.

There are other inconjuncts: Antony’s Jupiter and Caracalla’s Midheaven; Antony’s Ascendant/Sun and Caracalla’s Uranus; and Antony’s Uranus and Caracalla’s Saturn.

These two are definitely connected. I have previously compared Alexander’s and Caracalla’s birth charts. Now, I need to demonstrate how Antony and Alexander are connected:

Ready? Here goes: sticking with conjunctions, Alexander’s Saturn and Antony’s Neptune/Pluto; then Alexander’s Mars and Antony’s North Node; finally, Alexander’s Mercury and Antony’s Moon. So, lots of links.

Now look at the three charts together:

The middle aspect image doesn’t change when three charts are linked together, but a close look will show that the exact conjunction between Alexander’s Mars, Antony’s North Node and Caracalla’s Pluto makes this totally ‘real’ for me. It’s like a thread through three tapestries in the same place (13 Gemini) pulling them all together. Besides, Antony and Caracalla look quite similar in appearance.

The external connection is the city of Alexandria (and Cleopatra’s reign there).

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Overnight, I was reminded of Romulus and Remus. Is that a hint?


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