The First Superstar Astrologer

Evangeline Adams (February 8, 1868 – November 12, 1932)

Courtesy of Wikipedia

I’d never heard of this woman, until today. Does that seem possible?

Her claim to fame came at age 31 when she told the owner of the hotel she’d moved into that his life, or livelihood, was in peril. The hotel burned down that night!

Most people thought Evangeline Adams was a charlatan, a liar and a cheat, and she was arrested in New York and tried in court for being a fortune-teller. She was acquitted.

Strangely enough, no modern astrologers know exactly what time of day she was born.

The astrology sites have all followed Rodden’s suggestion of 8:30 am, including my Kepler 7.0 program, but that doesn’t feel right. There are two details noted by Ms. Adams, herself, that tells me that 8:30 pm would be better suited: her father died when she was 15 months (Saturn); and she moved to New York on her 31st birthday (Neptune). Her conscious awareness of her father’s demise would not have been clear until she was three, so the chart will now forever stand rectified, as far as I am concerned.

Is she a woman after my own heart? I think so, especially as her birth date is almost the same as mine. But her passing happened so long ago, that facts are in short supply.

Even her date of death is a coin-toss between the 10th and the 12th of November. I almost considered taking the 11th as the correct date, but then thought better of it.

I’ve randomized the timing of her death chart, but even so, there are close links between her birth and her death: the ‘fatal’ Moon is conjunct ‘natal’ Pluto; ‘fatal’ Mars is conjunct ‘natal’ Moon (which is on her ‘natal’ 12th House cusp); and the ‘fatal’ Ascendant is conjunct her ‘natal’ Sun. The Yod pointing to her ‘natal’ Pluto is connected to her ‘fatal’ Venus and ‘fatal’ Mercury. I think we have lift-off.

This was a very independent woman, in a time when it still wasn’t fashionable to be so. Even her ghost-writer, Aleister Crowley, had trouble sorting out who wrote what. She spectacularly missed the coming stock market crash of 1929, but her fans remembered the hits and forgot about the misses.

Skeptics point out that Adams had no knowledge of economics and that her predictions were always fuzzy, foretelling disaster but not specific disasters, and telling that the market would go up when in fact the country was in a period of remarkable growth in the stock market. People who believed often forget the erroneous predictions and used the ones that happened to come true to “prove” that she was accurate.

Quoted in the Wikipedia post about her

Even looking back, I might have missed that ‘crash’, except for the benefit of hindsight…

So, just to put the cat among the pigeons, I wonder if Ms. Adams has returned, with a similar name. Interesting…

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