In Light of Steiner’s Words: a Past Life Examined

John Varley (August 17, 1778 – November 17, 1842)

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In my third post (from April 2014) I speculated on whether I might have been William Blake in a past life. Upon further reflection, I decided I was more likely to have been John Varley. Now, since I have ‘perfected’ the ability to wheedle out the connections between charts, I’m going to specifically look at this man.

As you can imagine, this birth time is totally randomized, and yet, it bears an interesting echo of my own, with the Sagittarius Rising Sign @ 21 degrees. But that’s not proof.

Even the time of his death is unknown, so I set it for noon on the day. Now look what the comparison brings:

Lots of inconjuncts and a couple of Yods. Unfinished business, is my guess.

My Saturn (father) is the apex of a Yod featuring John’s Neptune (mystery) and Pluto (revelation). My Mars is conjunct his Mars, my Moon is halfway between his Mercury and the Sun, my Mercury is conjunct his ‘fatal’ Jupiter (and Ascendant if the timing’s correct), and, finally, my Jupiter is conjunct his Neptune.

Using the concept that Rudolf Steiner suggested in yesterday’s post, this would constitute ‘proof’ as far as I am concerned. *high five*

Me at a similar age

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    An article in the Occult Review of July 1916 entitled ‘Some Astrological Predictions of the Late John Varley by his grandson, John Varley’, offers a clue. The article gives the story of a number of predictions made by Varley and what actually transpired.

    “He was… in the habit of consulting his own horoscope each morning, and bringing up directions etc. On one particular morning… he was evidently ill at ease and though he had an appointment, he did not go out; and about 11 in the forenoon he gave his watch to my father, telling him to take it to a watchmaker in Regent Street and have it set to Greenwich time… he explained that there were some evil aspects in his horoscope, which would come into operation a few minutes to twelve that day. He was so certain as to the evil effects that he might not go out, fearing some street accident. He said, ‘I might be run over, or a slate might fall on my head.’, that he was uncertain whether his life or his property was menaced, but he saw in the figure that it would be sudden. The difficulty arose from the fact that the effects of the planet Uranus were not yet understood by astrologers, and his agitation increased as the time approached. He asked if my father was sure that his watch was put to Greenwich time and complained that he could not go on with his work. Sitting down, he said two or three times, ‘I feel quite well, there is nothing wrong with me. I am not going to have a fit or anything of the sort.’ Then, rising from his seat he came to my father saying, ‘What is it to be? The time is passed. Could I have made some mistake in my calculations?’ He took some paper and a pencil to go through the figures again – just then there was a cry of fire from the street. He rapidly made a note in his astrological book as to the effects of Uranus. The house was burned down, all his property was destroyed, and unfortunately he was uninsured…”

    (As quoted on a blog through


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