One of a Seer-ies of Lives?

Kalle Jaurup (January 13, 1934 – October 23, 2007)

Calle Montsegur (May 11, 2002)

This is such a strange process, tracking down past lives and rebirths. Until I saw Lars Muhl’s film, The Seer, I’d never even heard of Calle Montségur. Now I have a new focus.

This chart is rectified to highlight the serious accident he had as a child (6 years old), Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. By his own admission, he didn’t want to be in this life, and the bike accident (steel horse) was the echo of his death in a previous life. This time he was born in Aarhus, Denmark, the same place where Lars Muhl was born 16 years later. (Was there something in the water?)

There are too many inconjuncts to focus on for this post, so I will just concentrate on the two connected Yods instead: Pluto inconjunct Venus inconjunct Ascendant; and Venus inconjunct Ascendant inconjunct Uranus. The Venus Yod hints at the need to be Love, while the Ascendant Yod points to this life being the time to do that. His healing ability seems to come from those Yods. On second thought, I need to look at those other inconjuncts, too. His 12th House Neptune in Virgo is inconjunct his Mars (accident), while his 4th House Mercury in Capricorn is inconjunct the Midheaven purpose/career.

If Calle was meant to succeed in this lifetime, he needed to be a channel for healing the world, one person at a time. At the same time, he had to pass on the things that he’d learned to a disciple. Lars Muhl is that person. Now he will live on in our minds forever.

Calle’s death chart is randomized. I just wanted to let you see how his life’s work was completed by then. I won’t combine his birth and death charts, because I want to show you something else, instead. Remember what I wrote yesterday about Nostradamus being the original Seer? Well, then it struck me, Calle is one of a Seer-ies.

This is a Cathar Cross, if ever I saw one.

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