Are These Two Connected? Calle Thought So.

Marcus Aurelius
Calle Montsegur

I don’t know about you, but sometimes things surprise me. I wrote about Marcus Aurelius quite a while back. Not sure, now, why I did that. Perhaps for this reason:

‘Who are you? Where do you come from?’

A smile crept slowly over his face and disappeared in a shadow. I thought I saw him change his character in a flash. It surprised me. Suddenly, he wasn’t the one I expected him to be. Did I sense a change in his voice also?

‘I’m from a time before the beginning. I transcend. It was quite a shock for me when for the first time as a seer I began to understand some of my early thought forms and saw how I had abused my power. Until I acknowledged and accepted it. Then I could move on. I was present in a room where 24 energies were also present, each with its own thought form. I was the 25th energy and possessed two. Apparently I couldn’t control them. At any rate, something went terribly wrong. But I changed that later on. That is why I’m now in the process of phasing out. I used to be power. Now I’m freedom.’

The last two sentences kept hanging in the air like two snakes intertwined. A sudden impulse made me point to the two engravings I had been looking at earlier that day. It was more than a feeling. They were a part of the invisible text that had to be seen between the lines.

‘How do these two pictures relate to you?’

‘When I’m reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, some very familiar thought forms appear. I found that out a few years ago. I feel very close to that thought form, and it might have been an earlier incarnation. I’m not saying that I was him, but I do have a very close knowledge of the thought form Marcus Aurelius. I can even feel it in my body. The great separation he felt. The emperor who had to wage the necessary wars in order to maintain the Roman Empire, while at the same time absorbing himself in meditation. But this is my experience and I shall keep this to myself.’

I pointed to the painting of the Moorish room next to the other two pictures.

‘You’ll know that soon enough. I want to sleep now. We have a busy day tomorrow. Goodnight.’

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (pp. 123-124). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

I tried comparing Marcus’ death chart to Calle’s birth chart, but I didn’t get the connections I would have expected. So I decided to look at their combined birth charts.

Marcus’ Moon is almost exactly conjunct Calle’s Mercury. That says a lot, just on its own.

Calle’s Uranus and Midheaven are forming a Yod pointing at Marcus’ Jupiter.

And Calle’s South Node is conjunct Marcus’ Ascendant.

They are definitely connected.

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