Was This Man the Inspiration for David Cornwall’s Pseudonym?

Erwin Carlé (June 7, 1876 – February 21, 1923)

Written under the pseudonym of Edwin Rosen

No one knows why David Cornwall chose John le Carré as his pseudonym. So, I did a little digging, asking for the names of German authors who died between 1900 and 1930. This name came up. A-ha, says I. This man joined the French Foreign Legion when he was 28, and he wrote about it when he finished his four year stint. Sound familiar?

I rectified the timing of the chart so that his (surprising – Neptune) enlistment at age 28 was highlighted. There are those two parental planets (Saturn and the Moon) again, but this time in reverse order. Could David have been the reincarnation of Edwin?

This comparison of their birth charts is not conclusive, but I can see some echoes here. The proof will involve Edwin’s death chart and David’s birth chart:

Obviously, we cannot know for sure what time Edwin died, but the randomized time of 9 am brings Mars conjunct to the Aries Rising sign. That fits, to me. But, does it matter?

The answer to that is, “No.”

However, please note that nothing is accidental, not even the naming of characters. It’s very telling that the Russian nemesis of George Smiley in the stories about him is

(wait for it)


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