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The Part of Fortune in Aquarius

This is a short post about what the significance this placement has to the individual.

The Part of Fortune symbolizes that place in the horoscope through which the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are in the best harmonic relationship to each other and are easily expressed to the greatest advantage for the individual.

Karmic Astrology III: Joy and the Part of Fortune (by Martin Schulman)

Literally, if the astrologer is trying to do this manually, by moving the Sun to the Ascendant, the new position of the Moon in relationship to the Sun would mark the Part of Fortune in that chart. It sounds complicated, but it’s not.

One member of my family has the Part of Fortune in the same place as her partner. (But, just to be aware of how variable it can be, the House placement could be, as it is with them, in two different Houses: she has the PoF in the 1st House; his is in the 10th.)

Here the individual experiences his greatest happiness by flowing with the energies of awareness and enlightenment. Unfettered by the bonds set by society, unlimited by the confines of predictable expectation, he is able to experience all that exists outside of the limits of established society. He seeks to know all — about man, the world, the universe. He wants to know how so many apparently different aspects of life manage to fit together.

The objective of the Aquarius Part of Fortune is a sense of non-containment. His happiness comes from understanding that things can be different, without any one thing being better or worse than another. It is through this attitude that he is able to stay clear of the consequences of making judgements. By nature he is fair and unbiased. From this fair treatment of the world he experiences all of the joy associated with freedom. Because he is detached and does not become overly involved in the personal principles of others, the world allows him the freedom to explore his own self-awakening. He never has to follow the path of others. The direction of his compass is always set by new ideas that stimulate inventiveness and originality of outlook. He often seeks solitude so that he can withdraw from the demands of traditional society, for his joy is not based on the laws or restrictions of men, but on the impulse of the forces of the cosmos which draw man to his highest abilities. He seeks to live without plan. From the absence of any apparent pattern, rhyme or reason to his life there grows a very uncommon sense of life and living. It is from this that he derives his unique powers of ingenuity and awareness.

Through the Leo Part of Impersonal Consciousness this person is able to see how people strive in vain for power and command, as well as the desire to uphold principles through which they can establish self-respect. He knows that there is a place for such things in the world, but he also knows that the world is in the state it has fallen to because these things have been misused and abused. It is the Leo love of truth and higher principles which act as a beacon for him, rather than identification with the limitation of power which can inhibit the spontaneous flow of life.

Little in the world can shock the person with an Aquarius Part of Fortune because there is enough room in his consciousness to accept the possibility of any occurrence. He lives in the future, exploring and discovering that which mankind considers as its most remote possibilities. He is a true free spirit: liberal in ideas and unconventional in attitudes. Contentment for him comes from not caring in any personal way about the direction in which society seems to be moving. He knows of a better future, based on a far-reaching vision of truth. Thus, the problems of the present can leave him relatively unconcerned. He knows they will be resolved in the best possible way. No need to worry.

Since the Leo energy is strongly based on the fulfillment of the ego through command and power, and the Aquarius energy is based on the avoidance of ego entrapment, he will find his greatest happiness in not being afraid or ashamed of his detachment and non-conformist attitudes. The strength to do this comes from that same Leonian energy. It is the Leo power which enables one to fight the desire for power because the vision has been directed inward as well as outward. As soon as this person accepts himself as being “different” and that his desires and ideas are unique, even prophetic in their advanced nature, he will begin to unfold the reality that his soul has been yearning for. He will know that his mind is free to explore the awareness, the consciousness which will ultimately free mankind from the shackles of its collective ego. The joy of this pot of gold is not just for the individual, but for all.

(Pages 79-81, Fifth printing 1984 – Samuel Weiser, Inc – York Beach, Maine)

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