Image of the Interfaith Beliefs of an Afterlife

Lost Finale: “The End” – Stained Glass Window

It was an inspired bit of theatre: having a stained glass window displaying six symbols of the world’s main religions. No doubt the producers wanted to be inclusive of all faiths when they decided to let this image be shown. Did you ever wonder why? I think they didn’t want to offend any of their fan base.

But in doing so, I’m sure that the dominant religious groups in the United States felt that the Christian Cross should have been enough. But ‘life after death’ is a strange sort of beast, because long before Christianity, pagans believed in the idea of Summerland. Purgatory, the Catholic version of the between state, seems a barbaric concept when compared to the pastoral scenes of an idyllic afterlife.

The final season of Lost explored the idea that we all meet again at the end of our lives. But it takes time for us to remember who we were in the past. That is the very fabric of reincarnation. You couldn’t have been shown a better example. And the fact that Jack was being helped to understand that he was dead makes this episode so emotional. Who better than his dead father, Christian, to show up on the day?

Jack’s eye opened the first episode and his eye closed the final one. The story was all about Jack.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    And for those who might have missed the significance of his father’s name: Christian Shepherd = Jesus Christ (empty coffin), who welcomes the dead and leads them into the Light.


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