Two Archbishops of Canterbury, Four Hundred Years Apart

Thomas Becket and Thomas Cranmer

Roman Catholic Coat of Arms for the Diocese of Canterbury

I had this nagging feeling when I started the run of four Tudor men with the name of Thomas that one of them might be the reincarnation of Thomas Becket. Finally, I compared Becket with Cranmer, today.

I’m starting with Becket’s murder and Cranmer’s birth to show you the reincarnational links: Becket’s ‘fatal’ Sun and Neptune conjunction and Cranmer’s natal Saturn and Uranus conjunction in Capricorn; Becket’s ‘fatal’ Moon and Cranmer’s natal Mars @ 14 Virgo; and both charts Ascendant conjunct in Leo.

Their birth charts have similar connections:

North Node in Cranmer’s chart is conjunct Becket’s Jupiter, while Becket’s Midheaven @ 11 Cancer is midway between Cranmer’s South Node and Mercury, while exactly opposite Cranmer’s Saturn. And the link between Cranmer’s Jupiter and Becket’s Pluto in Aries is nothing to sneeze at either. An interactive Yod exists between Cranmer’s Midheaven and Becket’s Venus and Neptune. Hmm…

I’m fairly confident that these two men are connected, and the different ways they tried to handle their relationships with their respective monarchs ended up being the death of them anyway, proving you cannot please them all (if ever). Is there anything else? Yes, these words:

Truth, eh?

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