Can Edgar Cayce’s Source Prove the Reincarnation of Lazarus?

Fredoon Birdi (April 27, 1875 – January, 1968)

I went rooting through my library, yesterday, for a entry about Mary Magdalene in the above-noted book. I had previously written about this book, here. When I came to the chapter called “The Life of Jesus” I found the confirmation I was seeking: Gladys Davis’ cousin Mildred was the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. But then I read further and came across this:

Jesus’ raising of Lazarus, according to the Source, was the event that completely convinced Ruth and Philoas of His identity as the Messiah. According to Cayce, Lazarus had died of typhoid fever before Jesus raised him from the dead. One of the things that impressed onlookers most, when Jesus arrived four days after Lazarus’s death, was that “He wept with those of His friends, in the face of criticism [for coming late and] in the company of the great and near great.” This experience, Cayce said, “brought about change, which made for a new life, a new understanding, a new conception of . . . God among the children of men.”

Cayce confirmed that the raising of Lazarus was also the last straw in the minds of high priests who then began to plot His death in earnest. Like so many figures in the New Testament, no mention is made as to what finally became of Lazarus, although it does state that the high priests plotted his death, too. What is most interesting to note is that Lazarus, like nearly every person identified in the life readings as being healed by Jesus, allegedly developed healing abilities in that lifetime, and also in later incarnations. The man who had been Lazarus was said by the Source to be reborn in 1875 as Fredoon Birdi, in Puna, India, to Persian parents. Biographical sources independent of the life readings support such a claim: Dr. Fredoon Birdi, born in Puna, India, was a well-respected naturopathic healer in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Edgar Caye: An American Prophet (pages 336-7)

The proof is in the pudding, they say. Since I have no idea what time of day Dr. Birdi was born, I let it be randomized (meaning, the time I did the chart). The chart for the raising of Lazarus represents the ending of the ‘old’ and the beginning of the ‘new’. By comparing these charts, I am hoping to show that there is a proof of sorts for Jesus’ miracle and reincarnation, at the same time.

Since Lazarus’ coming back to life is a new birth, I am hoping to see some links between that event and Dr. Birdi’s birth. And there are a couple of direct ‘hits’: Birdi’s Part of Fortune is conjunct the Midheaven of Lazarus’ chart @ 22-23 Gemini; and Birdi’s Moon is conjunct Lazarus’ Neptune @ 21 Capricorn.

Between the two charts are Yod’s pointing at Birdi’s Mars and Lazarus’ Ascendant/Part of Fortune. (It should be remembered that Lazarus was raised when the Sun and Moon were exactly conjunct @ 5 Cancer.) I wouldn’t say this is definite ‘proof’ but I feel more certain that the Source has more insight into karma and reincarnation than, say, Rudolf Steiner.

But, I always take great comfort from the fact that Jesus’ life on earth was more than a figment of some Jewish writer‘s imagination in the late 1st century. It would be more accurate to say that Jesus’ story was hijacked to serve the Roman Empire. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!

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    Comparing this person to Colin Bloy shows that Colin is a better fit.


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