Is It Possible to Know Exactly When an Event Happened?

The Raising of Lazarus (June 30, 29 AD)

The detective in me loves a challenge. This morning I read the following passage:

The New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) and Full Moon (Sun/Moon opposition) are the most common recurring aspects, and, as mentioned above, they commemorate, respectively, the raising of Lazarus and the crucifixion. Moreover, on the day of Christ’s raising Lazarus from the dead there was a close conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Leo; and it is possible in our day to consult an ephemeris to discover on which date such a conjunction falls.

Dann, Kevin; Powell, Robert. Astrological Revolution: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma . SteinerBooks. Kindle Edition.

Because I ‘know’ that Jesus’ mission on earth took place over a three year period between 27 and 30 AD, I only had to fit the story from John’s Gospel into a relative placement in that time period. I chose the end of June in 29 AD.

What I didn’t expect was the spectacular image of the aspects for that moment. WOW!

(And for those that might quibble that the event took place in Bethany, please note that that location is just outside Jerusalem, well within walking distance.)

The position of Venus and Uranus in Leo, with the Sun and Moon in Cancer immediately reminded me of tomorrow’s Winter Solstice. Could this current event be a mirror reflection of the Lazarus event from Jesus’ lifetime? It looks like it…

Talk about timing, eh?

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