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An Echo in Time, from 1853-56: the Crimean War

Charge of the Light Brigade (October 25, 1854) Although this was a short skirmish from the larger Battle of Balaclava, it made an impression on the British mindset in Crimea, and might be why the West hesitated to stop Putin … Continue reading

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When a Television Series Telegraphs a Scene from a Film

The Good Doctor (Season 5, Episode 17) Shaun and Lea were supposed to get married in their reality TV program. But, as Lea pointed out, “This isn’t us.” So the producer of the show (within the show) allowed them to … Continue reading

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Is It Possible to Know Exactly When an Event Happened?

The Raising of Lazarus (June 30, 29 AD) The detective in me loves a challenge. This morning I read the following passage: The New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) and Full Moon (Sun/Moon opposition) are the most common recurring aspects, and, as … Continue reading

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