Are We O-Bligh-ed to Look at These Two?

William Bligh (September 9, 1754 – December 7, 1817)

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Normally, I relish the chance to explore relationships between ‘enemies’ but the relationship between William Bligh and Fletcher Christian is quite nuanced, and therefore difficult to read.

The timing of this chart was already set in my computer program, so I haven’t changed it. Neptune in Leo is in Bligh’s 1st House (of Personality) and it is inconjunct with Uranus in Pisces, on his 9th House cusp. At the same time, Mercury (in Leo, 2nd House of Possessions) is inconjunct the Midheaven in Aries. I suppose that is what gave Bligh his sarcastic nature and biting tongue. At any rate, the combination of these two inconjuncts would cause a rebellion.

Mercury Inconjunct Midheaven

It is very important that you develop your mind and your powers of thought, so that you can use them to attain whatever objectives you set for yourself. However, before you can accomplish this, you may have to solve certain problems. You may feel that there is a tension between your natural spontaneous views and what is taught by your parents and other adults. Even though their teachings seem perfectly reasonable, you want to accept your own ideas as valid if they contradict what you have been taught. Yet you cannot simply suppress your own ways of thinking. If you try, you will create tension and probably create a gap between what you are trying to do and what you say. When you are older you may express this tension by making indiscreet remarks that totally get in the way of your objectives.

Uranus Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect indicates a generation that had mixed feelings about its ideals and how to implement them. They often felt very confused about their ideals and when they found that their ideals failed because they were badly formulated, this group became disillusioned. States of consciousness beyond the ordinary are very confusing to them, and they prefer not to get involved with such matters.

Fletcher Christian (September 25, 1764 – September 20, 1793?)

There is no portrait or drawing extant of Fletcher Christian that was drawn from life. Bligh described Christian as “5 ft. 9 in. high [175 cm]. blackish or very dark complexion. Hair – Blackish or very dark brown. Make – Strong. A star tatowed [sic] on his left breast, and tatowed [sic] on the backside. His knees stand a little out and he may be called a little bow legged. He is subject to violent perspiration, particularly in his hand, so that he soils anything he handles”


Interesting details there, in that description of Christian by Bligh. Fletcher Christian was ten years younger than William Bligh, but I think Bligh had a soft spot for him, since he made him his right hand man halfway through the voyage. Hmm.

This chart is rectified after I had originally randomized it. I have set Neptune in Leo (in his 7th House of Open Enemies) at ages 24-25 (when the mutiny happened). That then presents us with one inconjunct only.

Jupiter Inconjunct Midheaven

With this aspect, you may discover that in order to grow and get ahead in life, you will have to put aside your own needs and do whatever the situation or other people require. At times you will go through tremendous and possibly painful creative changes in your life, in which everything that you are is replaced by a new order. Your environment may change radically, or you may lose all your old friends and find a whole set of new ones. During these times you will arrive at new understandings and realizations that make it impossible for your life to continue as before. You must always be open to new ideas and be willing to change your outlook on life.

So, how did Bligh know Christian had a star tattoo on his bottom? Just asking…

I’ve never known a better seaman, but as a man, he’s a snake. He doesn’t punish for discipline. He likes to see men crawl. Sometimes, I’d like to push his poison down his own throat.

Their Combined Charts and the Mutiny

Those with eyes to see, let them see.

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