Meanwhile, the Blake Line Continues into Other Work…

Some Reincarnational Timelines (Part 3)

Continuing forward from William Blake, we get the traditional sequence continuing into law enforcement, through John Frederick Parker, Lincoln’s AWOL police guard.

One might wonder why William Blake would go this way, and I suspect it was his run-in with the law that ended with him having to answer a charge of sedition in court. His ‘fatal’ Pluto is conjunct Parker’s natal Pluto (but again, this is no surprise since Pluto is the slowest moving planet in our solar system). The ‘fatal’ Mars in Blake’s death chart @ 11° Leo is conjunct Parker’s natal Saturn @ 12° Leo. And Parker’s Midheaven is conjunct Blake’s ‘fatal’ North Node.

Once Parker’s life was finished, it’s not surprising that he should come back as “Ramsay”, the spy who became the model for James Bond. Parker’s ‘fatal’ Uranus is conjunct Sorge’s PoF.

The triple combination of their birth charts gives the effect of progression over time, but, again, my part in their story becomes evident when you look at all four of us together.

More rays of sunshine, but this time of a darker persuasion. Maybe I was trying to live on both sides of the street. Anyway, I accept these lives as part of me, and I hope they are healed, now.

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