A Figment of My Imagination: Lincoln Reincarnated?

Henry A Wallace (October 7, 1888 – November 8, 1965)

This latest post comes hot on the heels of the previous two, as I want to show you how these connections are made. While reviewing a video or two on YouTube, it was suggested that I watch an interview with Oliver Stone that was recorded in 2012, just about the time his new TV series “The Untold History of the United States” was going to be aired in the States. In particular, the second episode (of the TV show) caught my eye: it showed how the backroom boys of the Democratic National Convention cut Wallace out of the equation by nominating Truman to run as FDR’s running mate in the 1944 election instead. An effective coup d’etat.

Overcoming strong opposition from conservative party leaders, Wallace was nominated for Vice President at the 1940 Democratic National Convention. The Democratic ticket of Roosevelt and Wallace won the 1940 presidential election, and Wallace continued to play an important role in the Roosevelt administration before and during World War II. At the 1944 Democratic National Convention, conservative party leaders defeated Wallace’s bid for renomination, replacing him on the Democratic ticket with Harry S. Truman.


They changed the course of history that day.

The timing of this chart is consistent with several astrology sites. This is the birth chart of a political rebel: Sun conjunct Uranus in Libra; Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini. He was known for his “Common Man” brand of thinking. That made him dangerous to the ‘powers than be’.

He was also a turncoat from the Republican party.

So, What About Lincoln?

Well, here’s the thing: there is a huge gap from the time Lincoln was assassinated to his present incarnation, so this tells me that there has to be an intermediary incarnation. The light of my mind zeroed in on this (seemingly) obscure political player and Bingo! a winner.

Not everything is written in black and white when it comes to the astrological reincarnation research. Most of it is intuitive. But then you do the comparisons, and it becomes more obvious. Lincoln’s natal Moon is conjunct Wallace’s Midheaven. Wallace’s Jupiter is midway between Lincoln’s natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. Lincoln’s natal North Node/Uranus conjunction is conjunct Wallace’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. And Lincoln’s natal Part of Fortune is conjunct Wallace’s Saturn in Leo (and that’s only the start).

The connections between Lincoln’s death chart and Wallace’s birth chart are not as obvious, but there are some interesting ones: Wallace’s South Node is within 4° of Lincoln’s ‘fatal’ Part of Fortune in Capricorn; Wallace’s Mars is within 5° of Lincoln’s ‘fatal’ Moon in Sagittarius; Lincoln’s ‘fatal’ Uranus is about 3° from Wallace’s Part of Fortune in Gemini; Lincoln’s ‘fatal’ Ascendant is midway between Wallace’s Neptune/Pluto conjunction in Gemini; and, finally, Lincoln’s ‘fatal’ Venus is conjunct Wallace’s Ascendant @ 25° Taurus.


Why does any of this matter? (I ask that question a lot while doing this research.) The implications of a political sleight of hand are that the United States may not have ever tested or used atomic weapons in WWII; the Soviets would not have tried (and succeed) to steal how they are made; Russia, China and the States may have become friends instead of enemies.

That last one is the whole point of this post. The Cold War between Capitalism and Communism would not have been necessary. Thousands, nay, millions of lives would have been saved from the continuing conflicts around the world, and the whole Korean War could have been avoided, and by proxy, the Vietnam War. Can you even imagine that?

And then there’s the other obvious point: our world would not have come under the scrutiny of alien civilizations.

I guess he was right, after all.

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