Back-Channels: How One Man’s Folly was Mitigated

Peril (2021)

You might think this is just paranoia speaking, but I think, as do the authors of this book, that the world came perilously close to a catastrophe in January of this year. If General Mark Milley hadn’t initiated contact with his counterpart in China, who knows where we’d be now.

Two days after the January 6, 2021, violent assault on the United States Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, General Mark Milley, the nation’s senior military officer and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, placed an urgent call on a top secret, back-channel line at 7:03 a.m. to his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, chief of the Joint Staff of the People’s Liberation Army.


Now, what does that look like astrologically?

Did he prevent a potential war between the United States and China? You can bet he did. That Mars/Uranus (“lightning strike”) conjunction is the ‘proof’ of what was potentially going to happen. And the triple T-square connecting these two planets in Taurus with the Midheaven @ 4° Scorpio and the Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius shows that it would have totally consumed the American people had it taken place. Yes, folks, they dodged the ‘bullet’: the World War III postponed…


(Another Roerich painting…)

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