Ukraine’s Resistance to the Russian Invasion

Better Dead Than Red

It’s a Cold War slogan, but one that encapsulates the unexpected strength of feeling among Ukrainians.

Putin thought that the very fact that his troops could cross the line between their two countries with impunity would be enough for complete capitulation of the Ukraine leadership. How wrong he was.

In Zelenskyy‘s chart, the Sun/Venus conjunction @ 5° Aquarius speaks of a love for his country and the people. They are both in opposition to Mars @ 0° Leo.

Sun Conjunct Venus

You may have to work out one problem. It is almost too easy for you to find your way through life by being friendly and warm. You tend to compromise to keep the peace, even when there is a serious issue to be worked out. At times it is necessary to confront people directly and forcefully; otherwise people may not take you seriously, or they may try to walk all over you. This is about the only difficulty presented by this aspect.

Sun Opposition Mars

Probably you have plenty of courage and confidence in yourself. As long as you can keep from becoming rash and self-centered you will be all right. Others will admire your strength and determination, if not always your sense. Your basic task is to learn to channel this energy, not suppress it. You actually need contests with others to help you find yourself. If you suppress this need and hold the energy down, you will feel a sense of repressed rage that will spring out at the worst possible moments.

Venus Opposition Mars

You needs to be around people who understand you and are willing to let you blow off steam a bit. They should recognize that your frequent blow-ups mean that you are very emotionally involved, with love as well as anger, and they should know that you get over your anger very quickly. At lease you let everyone know how you feel, both positively and negatively, and you show that your feelings are quite strong.

“We are all here”

If a man is willing to die for his country, he wouldn’t be caught dead being red. Is that understood?

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