Yesterday in History IV

Russia Invades Ukraine (February 24, 2022)

The map before the attack

Will this be another day in infamy? I expect so. What really surprises me is how anyone thought that diplomacy could have prevented this from happening. Putin only wanted one thing: assurances from the West that Ukraine would not join NATO. But his request was ignored, repeatedly. Silly mistake.

The planets are all bunched in the East, with only the Moon in the upper hemisphere. The element of surprise is demonstrated by the opposition between the Midheaven and Uranus (@ 11° Taurus). The squares to Mercury and Saturn make the T-squares to Putin’s advantage. He will succeed in neutralizing Ukraine in every level he wants. NATO can do nothing to stop him, because he is not attacking them.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy (January 25, 1978)

Official portrait from 2019

Now here’s a man who thinks he knows how to run a country because he starred as the President of Ukraine in a television series called Servant of the People. The television company that produced the show decided to create a political party with the same name. He decided to run for the presidency when his popularity already made him a front runner. Campaigning virtually using social media and YouTube, he defeated the incumbent (and pro-Russian) Petro Poroshenko. That’s when things started getting ‘interesting’, to say the least. Trump was impeached for taking money already earmarked for aid to Ukraine and using it as a dangling carrot in a ‘quid pro quo’ telephone call to Zelenskyy (for dirt on Biden’s son). Nothing came of it, but that brought him to the attention of the American public.

Several astrology sites have 2:00 pm as Zelenskyy’s birth time. I’m inclined to agree with them. There is but one inconjunct, but it may be the key to understanding the present situation with Russia.

Moon Inconjunct Mercury

As you grow older, you will have to learn to make your feelings and your reason work together. The problem is not so much that they come into conflict with each other, but that your reason and feelings represent two very different sides of your personality. When you are calm and collected and able to reflect carefully, you make decisions in one way. But when you are emotionally involved in a situation, you are likely to make up your mind very differently, which could cause you to seem inconsistent to others and make it difficult for them to understand you.

One Other Hint

That conjunction between the Sun and Venus may give a clue as to why Zelenskyy is so concerned with himself being the identity of Putin’s target: his family has been targeted, too.

As I’ve said before, Putin is very astute when it comes to another leader’s Achilles heel. Already, one day later, Zeleneskyy is discussing the idea of offering Putin the neutrality of Ukraine to stop the war.

The comparison of these two charts shows us how the invasion is personally affecting Zelenskyy.

As I’ve always said, I would not want to be the leader of any country, these days.

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  1. stanbeth says:

    Though I don’t follow astrology at all I do know that in the Bible in the last book of it Revelation it mentions that what is happening or going to happen and play out. Stan.


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