More Newspeak: Today’s Message…

Go With the Flow

(From the New Age Lexicon by Peter Lemesurier)

Perfectly sound concept co-opted by New Agers from the sailing fraternity, and based on what every traditional mariner knows — namely that there really is no point in trying to go against it. Indeed, when the tidal flow is against you, you often get further simply by dropping the anchor.

The idea is related to the oriental concept of “non-action.” Just as there is no point in trying to walk up the down escalator, so getting from here to there may merely be a matter of sitting put and waiting for the six o’clock bus (in joke).

Effort, in other words, is often counter-productive. “Being stuck” is perfectly OK (spiritual seekers please note). Choosing the right time and circumstance is all-important. But this involves awareness.

And failing that, there is always accident. See serendipity.

(I couldn’t have said it better myself.)

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