Maybe the Devil Made Him Do It

Roger Ailes (May 15, 1940 – May 18, 2017)

Honestly, I wasn’t going to look at this man who was alleged to have acted like a sexual predator during his Fox Network days. Then I looked at his birth chart and knew I had to share what I saw there.

This is the time that most astrology sites show for his birth. The rating is “AA”. I won’t change a thing.

When I did the original birth chart of “you know who”, I noted that Pluto was on the 12th House cusp. He has it there, too. So the description that I wrote for her, applies to him. And with a 1st House Moon in Virgo, there is no question in my mind that he preferred young ‘virginal’ women. When I find the time, I will try to link him to someone in the past. But for now, we can only wonder why he thought he could deny having done anything wrong with the women under his control at Fox News.

We watched this sleazy film last night. It is not the usual fare for us, but it had a certain familiarity for me because I’d watched the proceedings from a distance in 2016 when they occurred. The lesson here is that when people band together, they can remove a despot from power.

My original title for this post was:

To Get Rid of What Ailes You, Fire a Blonde…Bombshell

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