A Priest Almost Made Americans Overthrow Their Gov’t

Charles Coughlin (October 25, 1891 – October 27, 1979)

Again, there’s nothing new under the sun. American-style fascism was rampant in the 1930’s. At the forefront of the movement was a Roman Catholic priest who was born in Canada. He was a radio presenter known as “Father Coughlin“aka the Radio Priest.

Whatever would prompt a Canadian-American Roman Catholic Monsignor to rile up his adopted countrymen to violence and extremism?

Coughlin preached increasingly about the negative influence of “money changers” and “permitting a group of private citizens to create money” at the expense of the general welfare. He spoke of the need for monetary reform based on “free silver”. Coughlin claimed that the Great Depression in the United States was a “cash famine” and proposed monetary reforms, including the nationalization of the Federal Reserve System, as the solution. Coughlin was also upset by Roosevelt’s recognition of the Soviet Union.


There’s the reason. Coughlin disliked the ‘godless’ Reds so much, he was willing to embrace Hitler’s Nazis instead. So, what do we know about the man?

Initially, I randomized the timing of his birth chart, and then moved it back by almost 15 minutes. In the first instance, the Ascendant was @ 25° Pisces, in opposition to Saturn in Virgo. But I thought that was too obvious, having the Roman Catholic Church sit at 23 years of age. It’s placement now is later, after he joined the priesthood. And, surprise, surprise, Jupiter became conjunct with the new Ascendant @ almost 10° Pisces. That’s his broadcasting energy, for spreading his opinions. (During the 1930’s, Father Coughlin’s radio audience was 30 million people out of an estimated 100 million potential listeners. Wow.)

Please note that there are no inconjuncts. Therefore, what you saw was what you got: no hidden agendas.

In the end, his output was stifled, and he stopped his radio programs. (And we think we have trouble now? Trump is no Radio Priest.) The United States eventually entered WWII on the Allies side, but it could have gone the other way, and where would we be now? History is always written by the victors.

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1 Response to A Priest Almost Made Americans Overthrow Their Gov’t

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    “Money-changers” is a euphemism for Jews.


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