Could He Be Navalny’s Spiritual Cousin?

Matt Gaetz (May 7, 1982)

I’m not sure if this is inspired by spirit, or just my imagination playing a trick on me. When I looked at Alexei Navalny‘s photos yesterday, I got a little ‘a-ha’ which told me to compare his chart with Matt Gaetz’. Here’s Matt’s chart:

Now, we cannot rely on this birth time since it is unknown. This time was chosen randomly, so that Sun/Midheaven conjunction is speculative at best. There are therefore only two inconjuncts that we can rely upon.

Sun Inconjunct Saturn

You will have to learn the difference between having self-control and discipline, on the one hand, and totally denying yourself any self-expression, on the other. This aspect can mean that you feel extremely unworthy, which undermines your self-confidence and makes it hard to face obstacles in life with confidence and determination.

You may even feel that persons, forces or circumstances are conspiring to prevent you from doing what you want. You may be limited by fear or by the belief that you don’t deserve to get what you want. With this aspect there is a danger that your frustrated energies will turn into physical ailments that further limit your freedom of action.

Sometimes you may be afraid to get the freedom to do what you want, for the rigid structure and rules that you are forced to live under seem to give you a feeling of security. At the same time, however, part of you does want to be free.

Venus Inconjunct Jupiter

This can be a positive aspect if you learn to control some of its negative possibilities. You are likely to lack energy and to be rather passive. You may wait for opportunities to come to you, rather than go after them. You may not have enough energy to pursue your ambitions, or you may not have much ambition. Or you may love your comfort so much that you are unwilling to make any effort to put up with any pain that could help you grow and develop. However, if there are any indication of energy in your chart, they should overcome the passivity.

If you associate with difficult people, you may be unable to live up to your own standards of behavior. You may do things that you usually wouldn’t approve of, because somehow the relationship weakens your resolve to do what is right. But this won’t happen if you choose your friends carefully and avoid people who are not good for you.


These two seem like brothers from a different mother. Gaetz’ Jupiter is conjunct Navalny’s Uranus; Gaetz’ Mars is conjunct Navalny’s Ascendant; and Gaetz’ Sun is conjunct Navalny’s Jupiter. Hmm, again.

It looks like they both just want to be in opposition to the status quo, in my humble opinion.

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