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Now Mike Pence Has Security Documents at His Home

Is There Truly a “Deep State” in America? We’re revisiting a Q-Anon conspiracy theory, here. What’s with all these secret files showing up suddenly? Is someone trying to eliminate certain candidates from the 2024 Presidential Election? It looks that way … Continue reading

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The Chicken has Come Home to Roost

Donald Trump and the “Lock Her Up” Chant It has been noted before that Trump likes to ‘flash’ the world his confidential information. This image is an example. Other examples, stated previously, include interviews about secret weapons. The American people … Continue reading

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Using the FBI’s Own Files to Blackmail Them?

Mueller’s Russian Probe I don’t know about you, but when someone suggests a ‘reason’ for Trump’s selectively keeping some confidential and top secret files at Mar-a-Lago, I weigh it up with my own assessment of his character. It’s all about … Continue reading

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