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Echoes in Time: 1st and 2nd Punic Wars – WWI and WWII

Specific 2,160-Year Overlaps in American and Roman History This is where everything gets spooky. And to get a full appreciation of the symmetry, I will quote extensively from David Wilcock: In order to see the parallels between Roman and American … Continue reading

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Who Exactly was Hannibal Barca?

Commander-in-Chief of the Carthaginian Forces I’m always on the lookout for exceptional people to identify and analyze astrologically. Hannibal was a legend in his own time. But what made him the way he was? The birth time is randomized, but … Continue reading

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Hannibal at the Gate

He Took the Long Route to Rout the Roman Army History, eh? We may find it boring, but there are always moments in time when the impossible happens, and the whole concept of military warfare gets turned on its head. … Continue reading

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