Mount Cardou: the Tomb of God?


Et in Arcadia ego by Nicolas Poussin

There is a mystery in the countryside near Rennes-le-Château. But there has been a lot of speculation as to what on earth it might be. Poussin’s painting might give us a clue, but to investigate it, one must keep an open mind.

As originally discussed in Holy Blood, Holy Grail the landscape is laid out in an interesting pattern. This investigation was continued by David Wood in Genisis. It reached a culmination in The Tomb of God. But is it something anyone can accept?

Was Jesus Buried in the South of France?


Before the tomb that was depicted in Poussin’s painting was destroyed, it highlighted a prominent landmark in the background: Blanchefort.

From that landmark, one can view the whole surrounding area, as shown in this video.


Mount Cardou

Mt Cardou

This is the location that the authors of The Tomb of God identified as the place that Jesus and Mary Magdalen were buried. Even the entrance lines up with specific angles that are evident in the Poussin painting. But that begs the question: didn’t Jesus ascend to Heaven?

And therein lies the problem with this Cathar treasure: if they knew the truth about Jesus, is it any wonder that their ‘heresy’ had to be cleansed from public awareness?

As conspiracy theories go, this is the biggest one. We can only imagine how different the world would be had this been allowed to be publicly known all those years ago.


We live in interesting times. Even the Rosicrucians have a mystery that follows a similar path. Can the truth be hidden anymore? You decide…

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5 Responses to Mount Cardou: the Tomb of God?

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  2. God can not die and man can not see God nor do anything to Him, Who never walked on this earth.

    When speaking of Jesus Christ, than one should be speaking about the son of man and son of God, who really was tempted many times and really died. It was also that Nazarene Jew who was put in a grave and resided there until he was taken out of the dead by God. when Jesus was death, he was three days in hell (sheol) and not in heaven. It was only many days later he was taken up into the heavens to come to sit next to his heavenly Father to be a highpriest and mediator between God and man.


    • cdsmiller17 says:

      So far, you are the only one to take me to task for what was intended as an ironic use of other peoples’ book title. I completely agree with what you say. I also know that you have not read any of my manuscript “The Star of Bethlehem” (serialized on these pages). Otherwise, you would not have felt the need to ‘lecture’ me. It is always best not to take one post out of context.


  3. cdsmiller17 says:

    And for any others who take exception to this concept: the interchangeable use of God and Christ is due to the idea of them being two parts of the Trinity, the third being the Holy Spirit.


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