Emily Brontë: Love and Hate

Emily Brontë was a very complicated woman. Whatever was going on inside her head and her heart drove her to write fiction. And, as a result, her characters in Wuthering Heights seem to be full of passion, while full of revenge at the same time. Why?


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An Astrological Explanation

I recently had a discussion with a friend after I gave her a birth chart and analyses. She said that she couldn’t understand why it was so contradictory. Without going into details, her issue was the fact that it said she was empathetic, on one hand, and unable to see another’s point of view, on the other.

Because we have been ‘programmed’ to assume that the Sun sign is the only indicator of our personality, we forget (or simply don’t know) that there are actually energies of eight planets, one sun and one moon acting upon us at any given moment. And planets in aspect to each other give us a very definite flavour in how we react to daily life.

Add to that mix the star patterns in the sky which serve as the background to those planets, sun and moon, and you begin to understand how complicated a birth chart can be to explain.

Finally, the art of Astrology depends on having an accurate time of birth, which allows the astrologer to ‘place’ the energies into a form of natal positions called “Houses”, with two anchors, the Ascendant and the Midheaven. So, not so simple after all…


Brontë’s Birth Chart



The birth time is the generally accepted one, but it might not be correct. At this point, there is no useful purpose in rectifying the chart, because that is not my intention here. We are looking for the reasons for Emily’s love and hate dynamic. I can assure you that we really need go no further than the Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo in the 9th House.

From my Kepler 7.0 program, we learn these things:

Venus in Virgo

You are quietly devoted and faithful to your loved ones, and often become a kind of servant to your love partner. You are more comfortable showing love for someone by doing something for them, making something for them, or simply being there for them — rather than telling them so in a romantic, soul-stirring sort of way. You are timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. You also underestimate your attractiveness and lovability and doubt your own worthiness to receive love and appreciation.

Venus in 9th House

You are attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling, and to people who can expand your horizons, teach you something, or show you places and worlds you have never experienced before. Sharing a philosophy or ideal with your love partner is important to you.

Also, you feel a love and kinship for people everywhere, not only with your own family, nationality, or group. Finding similarities and making links between people from differing backgrounds or with different perspectives is a gift of yours.

Venus Conjunct Mars

You are extremely amorous and it is difficult for you to go without a romantic involvement for very long. When you are attracted to someone, you pursue them very ardently and sometimes come on too strong. Doing creative work or artistic work can also satisfy the very strong desire for love and beauty that you feel.

Venus Square Uranus

Your love feelings are easily aroused and your romantic relationships begin with a sudden electric attraction, but they often end abruptly, and you may be in and out of love frequently — especially in your younger years. You crave emotional excitement and need to feel spontaneous and free, so you may avoid making firm personal commitments. Unusual or nontraditional forms of love and relationships appeal to you, and you are attracted to unique, creative, or unstable people.

Mars in Virgo

You are a perfectionist and have high standards for your own work. You often feel that if you want something done right you must do it yourself, for others do not do as thorough a job as you do. Doing a task well is very important to you, and you must labor over minute details that others wouldn’t bother with. You strive for accuracy, efficiency, and precision, and you become very irritable when things are not done “right”.

On the other hand, you can become so much of a perfectionist and so self-critical that you will not even attempt many activities and projects, feeling that your efforts simply won’t be good enough. You are usually modest and realistic in assessing what you can accomplish and, if anything, you underestimate yourself. Of course, practice makes perfect, and if you do apply yourself diligently in some area, you gradually gain self-confidence as you master skills and develop expertise.

You conserve your energy and pace yourself so that you do not waste or diffuse your efforts. An unwillingness to take risks or venture from the beaten track can sometimes limit your opportunities. In short, you may not aim high enough and settle for too little in life.

Mars in 9th House

You have passionate convictions and will fight for them when challenged. You are willing to dedicate a great deal of your energy and force to an important cause, and you’ll act decisively on your beliefs, rather than simply espousing them.

Sometimes you get so involved and identified with your ideas that you cannot really be receptive to anyone who opposes you philosophically.

Mars Square Uranus

Intensely restless, dynamic, and energetic, you are always on the go. When you want something, you want it NOW, and you act decisively, impulsively, sometimes hastily and prematurely. Impatient, high-strung, and often nervous and tense, you find it difficult to slow down, pace yourself, or relax. You are fiercely individualistic and independent, self-willed and intolerant of restraints and restrictions imposed by others. You have a reckless disregard for authority and can be extremely rebellious. Cooperating with others is not your strong point! You are often brutally frank and abrupt with people, and can be quite impersonal when you are pursuing a desired goal. You may have an explosive temper when your will is blocked. You have a superabundance of energy and need much personal freedom to do things in your own style and at your own pace.

Other Influences

As I have stated before, it is impossible to completely understand another person until you have ‘walked a mile in their moccasins’. Looking back on Emily’s life and her work, we can see that there were great forces of influence working through her. A couple of entries will demonstrate this:

Pluto in 4th House

There was much that was hidden or secret in your childhood home, and you absorbed a sense of shame or a feeling that you need to hide and protect who you are from others. One of your parents had an especially intense bond to you and profoundly influenced you, perhaps dominated or controlled you in subtle ways. Unlocking the secrets of the past, and learning to be intimate and close to others without controlling or being controlled are issues for you.

Scorpio Rising

You are very strong-willed and proud, but intensely private and not easy to know well. Behind your quiet exterior lies a great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and also fierce determination. When you want something you go after it rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly — and you usually get it.

You are not a person who lives lightly or superficially. You want to live passionately and intensely and are not adverse to challenge, danger, or to facing the darker side of life — human pain and struggle. You function well in crisis situations and often seek them out, for you enjoy the feeling of living at full capacity.


Because of your natural reserve, others may see you as something of an enigma, You are quite self-protective and often defensive. You are also very magnetic, specially to members of the opposite sex.


Emily Brontë was a social recluse, but her spirit wanted to be free to roam the Yorkshire Moors. The tensions between these two extremes pushed her to be creative, using her writing as a way to channel this need. She died young. One can only imagine what else she might have written had she lived longer.



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