MLK Jr: Man on a Timely Mission


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Martin Luther King Jr

We have seen so many photos of him over the years in black and white that we forget he was a man of colour, too. And that wasn’t a racial slur. Because not everything is black and white when it comes to American history.

To be named after your father, who was a Southern Baptist minister in Atlanta, Georgia (as his father was before him), and named after the first Protestant, Martin Luther, is a big deal. Those are mighty huge boots to fill.

To be sure, the times were a-changing, and MLK Jr decided that enough was enough. It was time to change the minds and hearts of white Americans, too.

The Chart


All the online information about MLK Jr’s birth list his birth time as 12 Noon. Ordinarily, I would find that a bit suspect, especially as children are rarely born at the top of the hour. But when I looked at the chart (which came with the Kepler 7.0 program) I could see that, yes, maybe the time was right.

I have pointed out in other posts that the three major influences on a person’s life can be explained by the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant.

Sun In Capricorn

Ordinarily, Capricorns are very pragmatic individuals. (Jesus was a Capricorn…) Their approach to life is an awareness that there is only so much time allotted to any one of us, so they try to do as much as is humanly possible in that short time.

MLK Jr’s Sun is conjunct the Midheaven which implies a very public presentation of the person. Privacy would never be ‘normal’. But because the Midheaven is inconjunct with Neptune, we have a familiar echo of resistance to authority figures.

Moon in Pisces

To say that the individual with this placement of the Moon is sensitive to their fellow man would be an understatement. The additional fact of it being situated in the 11th House gives it a flavour of group work, organizations. That is very evident in MLK Jr’s life.

He could see his fellow men and women suffering and could not idly stand by while they were beaten down and oppressed. Their stories were his stories. He was an impassioned speaker and he touched something intangible in his audience.

Taurus Rising

MLK Jr was a stubborn man. Once he planted in feet, he couldn’t be moved. The Taurus bull is also very stoic. You can try to beat him down but he will always rise up again, and again, and again.

The civil rights movement he embraced has this same stubborn intensity. Black Lives Matter has shown us that. His spirit lives on anywhere there is civil disobedience and passive resistance. He is America’s Gandhi.

Gone Too Soon


When a person dies accidentally, naturally, or by his own hand, the planets line up in a way that shows the reason(s). In this case, they don’t, which implies that assassinations are actions taken by others that really are not ‘meant to be’. I feel that Martin Luther King Jr was taken from us too soon.


History is the winning side’s version of reality. But, sometimes, the Truth sneaks in under our very noses. Martyrs to the cause are never forgotten, and become the rallying cry for the generations that follow. We may never see the like of them again.



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