Summer of ’69: Revolution!


The Persistence of Memory

We (of a certain generation) remember 1969 with a certain amount of pride, especially that summer. It was when we finally showed the previous generation who was really in charge.

However, there were lots of other things going on at that time which changed our world forever.

Apollo 11

Man finally walked on the Moon (at least we think he did…) and the space race between the USSR and the USA was finally over.


An accident(?) ended the Kennedy family dynasty’s attempts to regain the White House. Two assassinations had cut down his older brothers before him, and this ‘incident’ made Ted Kennedy rethink his future moves.

1969 York Race Riot

It’s seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Racial tension between blacks and whites has been going on for more than sixty years. Recent events have proven that where prejudice and violent reactions are concerned, some buried feelings run deep.

The Manson Murders

I haven’t tackled this one, yet. After watching last night’s 20/20 program on ABC, called “Truth and Lies: the Family Manson”, I have started to investigate Sharon Tate’s Astrological birth chart. Watch this space.

Woodstock Festival


Just one week after the Manson Murders took place in Los Angeles, a “music and art fair” occurred in New York state which brought a kind of balance back into the world.

Notice that the Moon was quickly approaching Pluto in Virgo at the moment that Richie Havens opened the show. The ‘true’ Revolution had begun. Saturn in Taurus seemed to anchor the energies, which means that there would be mud, and lots of it!

Nobody born after that time can really appreciate what changed that weekend. Some have tried to tell us:

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