Hebrew Proverbs: Wisdom Words


The Golden Rule

Years ago, I studied Hebrew scripture to see if there were any hidden codes buried beneath the words. This is known as Gematria.

Sometimes, the text itself will hint at the number(s) involved. That means the message is hidden in plain sight.

But sometimes, there are no hints. By substituting the numbers for the letters, a value is revealed.

Hidden Message

The first ‘word’ totals 429, the second 1117, and the third 873. This gives a grand total of 2419.

What does this mean? 2+4+1+9 = 16. Add the two digits together and ‘this’ equals 7. As I’ve pointed out before, seven is a number that is hidden in plain view all the time. It is a sacred number.



To measure up to the best that we can be, we need to emulate the Divine.

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