2016 And All That


1066 + 950 Years

I was reading an analysis of Donald Trump this morning and was impressed with the way the article was written. I immediately was reminded of this spoof history book published in 1930.

“It’s so easy to see the shape of what Trump wants in the ways that he lies and lies about what is—in the way he gooses crowd numbers, in the way he tells stories about strong men weeping at his feet in gratitude for all he’s done for this country, in the gap-intensive conspiracies and bizarre causal helixes that he invents to explain away his failures. What’s most striking about Trump’s lies, beyond their overwhelming volume and bombast, is how they reflect his own monomania. So Many Are Saying various things that somehow all wind up being about him; they’re Saying It More And More because there is nothing else and no one else that he could imagine anyone wanting to talk about. The metastasizing They that opposes him grows by the day, and cares about him every bit as much as he cares about himself. They will do, are always somewhere doing, whatever it takes to make him look like an idiot who f*cks up and lies constantly. Nothing, certainly not the lives of any number of strangers or whatever is left of any national ideal, is more important than the survival of his most obvious throwaway fantasy” (from “This is All Trump has Left”)

Maybe, just maybe, this is a way to explain how the Great American Public were conquered by a fool spouting that he was going to Make America Great Again.

If you want to read it for yourself, click on the Donald Trump link, above.

Maybe his “He’s a Good Man”, “They’re Bad People” sayings were meant for mockery. Lord knows, the Late Night TV Hosts are having a field day.

One day someone will write a mock history book called “2016 And All That”.

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