When Did We Last Do This?


Lost Memory

My daughters are going to be traveling together for the first time since their teens. They are going to the Netherlands to visit their mother next month. Individually, they told me about it, while reminiscing about the last time.

As a trained hypnotherapist, I am fascinated when peoples’ memories are faulty. I was going to write ‘wrong’ but that’s a judgement call. The Mandela Effect seems to come into play, as it must have with my girls. My concern is the ages they thought they were when they last traveled together to Canada from the UK: they suggested 11 and 15. Since that journey took place in the spring of 1993, they have understated their ages by two years!

I would suggest, for the record, that the elder sibling is the one who got it ‘wrong’: she has demonstrated this underestimation of time previously, due to a great many factors, most of which I will not list here. But the loss of time, in general, may be due to her having an experience of sighting a UFO.

Her younger sister, who ordinarily gets things ‘right’, may have just gone along with her, to avoid conflict. But, then, I would have expected her to correct the time dilation when speaking to me. That she didn’t is what surprises me.

But I have to remember that other people don’t have the same capacity to recall exact dates and times years later. And this past event is now over 25 years ago!

As part of a writing challenge, my younger daughter recently wrote a series of poems. One of those poems was about lost memories…

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