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You Don’t Know What It’s Like…

To Love Somebody (1967) There’s a lightA certain kind of lightThat never shone on meI want my life to be lived with youLived with youThere’s a way everybody sayTo do each and every little thingBut what does it bringIf I … Continue reading

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Alone, Again, Naturally

Enola Holmes (2020) It’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen a film within the first week of its release. This one is about the sixteen-year-old younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes in 1884. (The actress playing her … Continue reading

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When Did We Last Do This?

Lost Memory My daughters are going to be traveling together for the first time since their teens. They are going to the Netherlands to visit their mother next month. Individually, they told me about it, while reminiscing about the last … Continue reading

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Rustic Reminder

In the late 80’s I lived in Ascot, UK, very close to the racecourse. One evening, I went for a walk as the sun was setting. It didn’t take long for the road to become dark since there were no … Continue reading

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