Reincarnation: Mother and Child Reunion


Terms of Endearment XXX (1983)

It occurred to me during the writing of Shirley MacLaine’s astrology post that the conflict between Debra Winger and herself may have had its roots in the past. It did not seem out of the realms of possibility that they may have had a mother/daughter relationship before. So, I decided to look at their charts together.

Debra Winger


First of all, Debra has a couple of inconjuncts, too. The double Sun inconjunct Neptune/Ascendant makes her the consummate actress. Couple that with a Mercury inconjunct Saturn and the effect is one of a person trying to break through whatever controlling factors are confining them.

The controlling factor of a mother-figure perhaps?


Yes, I thought so: Debra’s Moon is exactly conjunct Shirley’s Venus. This is a good thing.

Kindness, warmth, and consideration for each other are very strong. You share feelings, your pasts and family roots, personal tastes, and interests openly with each other and you understand and appreciate each other very well. This relationship grows into a close friendship. (Kepler 7.0)

If they hadn’t been competing for the Best Actress Oscar, this may have come true.

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