Meet the New Vice-President-Elect

Kamala Harris (October 20, 1964)

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It’s been a long road since I first predicted that Kamala Harris could become the 46th President of the United States of America. Gender, racial and political biases derailed her attempt, as well as an underfunded campaign, but her connection with Joe Biden won through to his choosing her for a running mate in 2020. Wise man…

I presume that someone had access to Ms. Harris’ birth certificate because the time of 9:28 pm is consistent across all the astrology sites. And it looks right to me, too.

As happens in a person’s life, the childhood events are the ones that form the adult, and as we can see with Ms. Harris, most of her planets are in the lower hemisphere. But it’s upper hemisphere planets that show a person’s destiny, and none are clearer than Saturn conjunct the 10th House cusp.

Saturn Conjunct Midheaven

At a very early age you will learn that life requires hard work and ceaseless activity if you want to get ahead. Also you want to be a person of significance when you are older, so you will start working while quite young to get where you want to go. Since you have so much internal discipline, your parents won’t have to impose it from the outside, nor should they make unrealistically high demands, because you will try very hard to fulfill them. Whenever you fail, you condemn yourself strongly, and if you decide you are a loser, it would be very difficult to change that belief. This placement of Saturn can signify that you will be very successful or very unsuccessful, depending on how you experience success while you are young.

You respect those in authority even when you feel they are giving you a hard time. You understand that they have earned the right to their position and that to challenge them you must earn that right as well. Only if you have very negative experiences with authority while you are young — and your parents will have a lot to do with this — will you be negative about it when you are older.

No matter what career you choose, you will be a teacher and a guide for others. You may be a teacher in the literal sense in some kind of school. In any case, others will look to you for guidance when you achieve the goals that you set for yourself now.

As you work to get ahead in life, however, be very careful not to neglect your friendships and other relationships. Otherwise you may be very lonely later on.

Now Biden and Harris are the best political double act the United States has seen in a very long time. Things are going to change, and change in a big way. God Bless America.

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