The Second Roman Emperor After Nero

Otho (April 28, 32 AD – April 16, 69 AD)

I always thought Roman busts were meant to be serious, but this one looks like he’s pouting. Otho was made Emperor after Alba was killed, but his rule was short-lived.

The timing for this chart is rectified. His suicide just before turning 37 is marked by Mars. In fact, to be totally accurate, the Ascendant could have been moved another 10 degrees back to 25 degrees Cancer, but this chart will do, as it stands. So, no inconjuncts. The most important aspect is the Sun/Moon conjunction in Taurus: this may also be a hint of his homosexuality.

Sun Conjunct Moon

The new Moon is a time of new beginnings. You like to start projects, which may eventually become quite important, perhaps long after you have gone on o something else. You may even set events in motion without being aware that you are doing it. This is because the new Moon is a time of spontaneous action, without much self-awareness, and this is reflected in everything you do. You must learn to think of the consequences of your actions, to see how they fit into the larger scheme.

Also you should be more aware of the impression you make on others. You don’t necessarily impress people badly, but you should know what effect you do have. Even though you seem to be unaware of what you are doing, you may be very effective. You often feel that you have a lot of energy inside that has to come out, and many times you will do something simply to release that energy.

As you get older, you will become more self-aware, but you will grow faster if you make an intentional effort to do so. Relationships are very important for your development, more because of what you will learn about yourself than because of what you will learn about others.

I am showing you this chart in order that a comparison can be made with a certain Vice-President of the United States. There is nothing remarkable in this chart, in and of itself, but those resulting inconjuncts hint at a mindset that sees no way out of his dilemma.

“It is far more just to perish one for all, than many for one”

Cassius Dio

Kamala Harris

We don’t often see Vice-President Harris without a smile on her face, and even less now that masks are mandatory in all US government buildings. So, of course, it’s impossible to compare like-for-like visually. But we have no such limits, astrologically.

Admittedly, comparing these two birth charts was a bit of a long shot. But I was surprised to see their two Jupiters line up. And Kamala’s Moon is conjunct Otho’s Venus.


Comparing Otho’s ‘death’ chart with Kamala’s birth chart yielded a couple of surprises.

Kamala’s Moon is now conjunct with Otho’s ‘death’ North Node, which means that Kamala’s Sun is conjunct Otho’s ‘death’ South Node. Reincarnation, perhaps?

My only reason for looking at these two individuals is that Otho followed Galba who followed Nero as emperor. So much of the history of Rome is echoed in the States.

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