Reincarnation: An Overlooked Connection?

I Khan See Clearly Now

Holding Noor

In terms of research, this should have been obvious to me, but at the time was not. I asked the question, then, if Lars Muhl was Inayat Khan reborn. The results were inconclusive, so I dropped that line of thinking. But then I pondered how Lars Muhl and I are connected, without going any further with that idea, either.

It took a random comment about the Mary Magdalene line of strong women in connection with Noor Inayat-Khan to bring it all back into clear focus.

I’m not going to exhaust you with the connections I see, except to point out that my usually unaspected Uranus @ 1° Cancer in the 7th House (of relationships) is conjunct Khan’s Mercury. That feels significant. Couple that with my Pluto conjunct his Venus and my Saturn conjunct his Uranus and I believe we have the obvious ‘father’ links. Each Midheaven is located @ 7° Virgo (although I randomized the timing of his chart).

Khan’s death chart is also randomized, but there are accidental match-ups that are still surprisingly significant: his ‘fatal’ Midheaven is conjunct my North Node @ 10° Aries, for example. And his ‘fatal’ North Node is conjunct my Uranus. His ‘fatal’ Sun is conjunct my Jupiter @ 15° Aquarius, while his ‘fatal’ Mercury is conjunct my Sun @ 20° Aquarius.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are One, as in a big spiritual family. There is room for everyone, and that alone should be Sufi-scient for our understanding. Love y’all.

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