Joan of Arc’s Birth (and Death) Re-examined

Jeanne d’Arc’s Birthplace in Domremy la Piscelle

It’s been a bit of a journey: working backwards, I came to a fork in the road that happened when Jeanne d’Arc was burned at the stake. Two lines of reincarnation came into existence and those two lines ended up as Noor Inayat-Khan and Indira Gandi. Strange but true…

I believe this is the first time on these pages that I’ve combined Joan’s birth and death charts, but I could be wrong. The idea that something split when Joan died is only one thing of many that I have come to understand recently. In Joan’s birth chart, I rectified her birth time to show the age when she started hearing voices in her head (Neptune @ 2° Cancer). But obviously she’d had a spiritual awakening before that time: somewhere around age 12-and-a-half, she had a Pluto event. The Yod pointing to Pluto from inconjuncts to her Venus/Ascendant conjunction In Capricorn and her Midheaven in Scorpio is unmistakable. When her ‘fatal’ Sun transited her natal Pluto, the message was confirmed.

Sun Transit Pluto (from Robert Hand’s “Planets in Transit“)

This transit can have a variety of effects, but in general it indicates intense experiences that do not allow you to stay at the level of surface manifestations. You will really have to get involved in whatever you do today, and the results may be quite powerful. Pluto relates to the forces underlying all experience and leading to fundamental evolutionary changes within. The inevitable power of these changes produces the major occurrences in the world–growth, evolution, decay and death, as well as rebirth and regeneration. Because this is not a major long-term transit, you are not likely to encounter any of these effects on a terribly profound level but rather as they occur in day-to-day life.

Unless it also happens to be the day you die.

And just remember what Noor Inayat-Khan is reported to have said just before she was executed:

“Free, at last…”

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