The Day “Death in Venice” was Conceived

Tadzio Glimpsed on the Venice Beach (May 26, 1911)

Thomas Mann – May 1911

I could have entitled this: “A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Mann” but that would have been too clever by half. Since I’ve written about Wladyslaw Moes, already, I am now going to demonstrate how the intersection of two lives can produce great writing.

The timing of this chart is considered correct. Therefore, the double inconjunct involving Jupiter and the Pluto/Midheaven conjunction must also be correct.

Jupiter Inconjunct Pluto

You have a great deal of creative power, and the major challenge of your life will be learning how to handle it. First of all, you must realize that you will get the most out of life if you direct your energies toward helping the people around you and those you love. You will want to change many conditions in the world, which is fine as long as your reasons are not purely selfish ones.

If you use the energies of this aspect selfishly, you will have serious conflicts with authorities, persons in power and adults in general. You may try to make changes before you have learned how to do so creatively, without provoking such resistance that your efforts are blocked. To be effective, you must have the necessary skills.

Jupiter Inconjunct Midheaven

The problem with this aspect is to find a balance between, on the one hand, expressing yourself creatively, perhaps artistically, and having a good time and, on the other hand, getting ahead in life, learning the ways of the world and finding an acceptable role in society. You know you will have to make sacrifices in order to accomplish anything of value.

Pluto Conjunct Midheaven

During your life you will go through many changes, but you will always have the desire to make an impact upon the world and to be regarded as a person of significance. The danger you must face is that you may want to go too far too fast and thereby alienate the people who have authority over you. While you are young, this will mean mostly parents and teachers, but you might occasionally encounter police or government officials.

Now I can see why Mann hated the Nazis (in the pre-war years, especially) and then standing up to Senator McCarthy and the HUAC in the 1950’s.

First Sighting

“Death in Venice” is the result, as I previously indicated, of seeing ‘Adzio’ as he was known by his family, for the first time on the first day of a visit to Venice, soon after Mann’s hearing of Gustav Mahler’s death, that same month. Cholera was on Mann’s mind.

I chose 6 pm (local time) to see what energies were active that fateful day in Venice. I probably should have anticipated a Yod (Finger of God) pointing at Uranus @ 29° Capricorn, formed from inconjuncts to Pluto and the Midheaven. Now where have we seen this energy before? (I won’t delineate the aspects because that’s not really why we’re reviewing this event.)

Moes’ Mars is conjunct Mann’s Ascendant and the event Midheaven. Talk about the tumblers of a lock lining up. Mann’s Pluto is opposite Moes’ Sun, while Mann’s Sun is conjunct Moes’ Pluto. And Mann’s Sun is opposite Moes’ Jupiter, while Mann’s Mars is conjunct Moes’ Saturn. Moes’ South Node is conjunct the event Sun, while Moes’ Neptune is conjunct the event Pluto. (Is that enough proof?)

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