I Don’t Want To Seem Like a Cassandra*, But…

War with Russia?

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To be honest, I don’t listen to the warmongers very often. What we see on the nightly news can only be considered propaganda, at best. But something that was said the other day really caught my attention:

Russia claims US mercenaries plan chemical attack in Ukraine

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu claimed Tuesday that U.S. mercenaries were preparing Ukrainian special forces and radical armed groups for “active hostilities” in eastern Ukraine, and had delivered “an unidentified chemical component” to the region “to commit provocations.”


This amounts to an outright lie, but in the battle for hearts and minds of one’s own people, it is the equivalent of getting the American public to back an attack on Iraq because Saddam Hussein had WMD (weapons of mass destruction).

Russia is playing hardball, here.

My friend, David Lowe, sent me a link to a YouTube video chat between an astrologer and that video platform’s host. In it she spoke of the recent solar eclipse as being a portent of problems with China. Why China? At any rate, she (the astrologer) projected the end of December as the start of war with China. That’s how some astrologers get it wrong, even when they seemingly get it right.

Moon Inconjunct Uranus

With this aspect you must learn to control sudden outbursts of emotion that occur at difficult times when you least expect it. Also your present home life may not be a stable situation in which you can grow up emotionally secure and confident. A particular incident when you were very young may have given you the feeling that you can’t count on anything or anyone for support.

Mars Inconjunct Uranus

You have a tendency to be rash and impulsive, which may get in your way. If matters proceed too slowly, you are likely to make a sudden move that upsets the whole situation and forces you to start over again. You must learn to be patient if you want to achieve your objectives.

Sometimes you may make sudden moves that startle people. You may make a decision very quickly and start to act on it immediately, but that is not such a good idea. Make up your mind more slowly, or at least wait for a while until you start to act. If your idea still looks good a couple of days later, it is probably all right to go ahead with it.

Moon Conjunct Mars

You are likely to have quite a temper and fly off the handle easily. However, if you are allowed to express your anger completely, you get over it very soon. You can be very angry one minute, but as soon as your mood has passed, you are quite calm. However, if you get into the habit of holding in your angry feelings, they can build up to quite a fierce level and even become destructive in your life later on. Suppressed anger can be a source of many nervous disorders and mental problems when you are an adult.

You are a fighter, and once you have made up your mind about something, you fight very hard to get your way. Others have to prove that they are stronger than you are, or you won’t give in to them. At least you fight out in the open and reasonably fairly, so no one can complain that you are sneaky and underhanded.

The major problem to watch out for is that you may fight for ideas or causes that you haven’t thought out at all carefully. You may react to threats that are more imagined than real if an innocent remark or action triggers off any angry reaction in your mind. You tend to get angry without really knowing why. When that happens, try to see if the reasons justify your anger. A tendency to get angry for no reason or to act without thinking is the greatest problem with this aspect.

“The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.”

John Bolton, quoting Vladimir Putin (PolitiFact)

And just to remind you all, December 31st is only one week away.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Matthew 24:6 KJV

(At least it will help everyone take their minds off the coronavirus Omicron Variant.)

*Cassandra was a Trojan priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed. In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed.


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