Are We Really Headed Toward World War Three?

Armageddon (Tired of This)

Armageddon, the ultimate disaster movie

Seven years ago, I reviewed the book “Cracking the Apocalypse Code” here on these pages. The date that the authors came up with for the start of World War III was February 5, 2043, based on the hundred years’ echo through history. I decided to revisit that event chart, in light of what I discovered about the Gates of the Avatars recently. With that in mind, I moved the clock back 80 minutes to see if the Cosmic Cross pattern would be triggered.

At first glance, I would say that the authors were out by one full day, since the Sun here is @ 16° Aquarius 8′. To completely align, the Sun would need to be @ 15°. However, there is no direct opposition to the Ascendant in Scorpio: Saturn, however, is within 3° @ 18° Scorpio 8′.

So, the pattern fits. Because of that, I don’t expect that anything significant will come from the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine. But I could be wrong. If anything, all the sabre-rattling that’s been going on is for domestic markets only, especially in Russia and the United States.

PS: “Don’t Look Up” is an echo of all this bullshit.

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