It’s Time to Disprove a Theory about Putin

Genghis Khan (died August 25, 1227)

When Nostradamus predicted that the King of Terror would return in 1999, people have speculated that he may have been referring to Vladimir Putin, who rose to power in Russia in that year, two days BEFORE a total eclipse of the sun.

Everyone knows who the original ‘king of terror’ was: Genghis Khan.

We do not have his birth date, but we do know when and where he died. I have set the clock for noon.

I would suggest that his death was shrouded in mystery (with Neptune on the Descendant), but nothing can be taken for ‘fact’ with a 12 noon event time. Astrology isn’t an exact science; it’s all a matter of interpretation. However, when the timing is known to be exact, the information gleaned is clearer.

Two Images to Reflect the How Far Temujin Came in Life

The world before the Mongol Empire
The Mongol Empire: now, that’s some conquest!

But what about Putin?

In order to ‘confirm’ the karmic relationship between two individuals over time, I need to see connections between the (purported) prior life and the present one by comparing the death and birth charts. Except for Khan’s ‘fatal’ Neptune being 1° from Putin’s natal Jupiter, there are no conjunctions.

However, the spirit of conquest is highlighted as a double Yod (Finger of God) from Khan’s ‘fatal’ Jupiter and Neptune pointing to Putin’s natal Sun/Saturn conjunction. But are they one and the same? No.

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