So, Who Did Tesla Reincarnate As?

Saul Perlmutter (September 22, 1959)

According to Kevin Ryerson’s Ahtun Re, Nikola Tesla came back as Saul Perlmutter. In a way, that makes total sense. Working alone didn’t get Tesla very far, so his next life would clearly need help from others. But does it add up, astrologically?

This timing is randomized. I’ve left it alone, since the Moon is (again) near conjunction with the Descendant in Gemini. It also creates a Yod (Finger of God) pointing at the Moon.

Moon Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect usually means that your need for emotional security conflicts with your need to live with the world’s demands. Each of us needs to be accepted and loved for what we are, in order to have enough self-confidence to deal with the world. But we also have to learn to live with our own life situations in order to survive. In other words, we have to realize that we can’t have everything we want. With this aspect, these two needs are working against each other. Probably you will satisfy one of them at the expense of the other.

Moon Inconjunct Neptune

People with this aspect often hide their real feelings and make sacrifices for others that they do not really want to make. Then they resent the person who asked for the sacrifice. You must learn to tell people how you really feel; if you do not, you have only yourself to blame for what happens. You must learn to accept that you are responsible for your own life. Do not act as if you are the victim of strong forces that you can’t control, because you can control them.

Comparing Perlmutter’s Birth Chart with Tesla’s Charts

So, just to be fair, I’m not seeing the connections that I would expect between these two individuals. Can Ahtun Re be wrong? I had a better feeling about Tesla and our new wunderkind Champ Jaxon:

Those with eyes that see would probably agree with me.


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