We Can’t Get Her Out of Our Heads

Kylie Minogue (May 28, 1968)

Images courtesy of the Daily Mail

I read somewhere that Kylie is an Aboriginal word for ‘boomerang’. Whether or not that’s true, I was originally going to call this post: “She Keeps Making a Comeback”.

This timing is rated “B”, meaning that it was quoted from a news source. And, for all intents and purposes, this is accurate enough for us. (I will discuss a slightly different time in the next section.)

There is but one inconjunct:

Saturn Inconjunct Pluto

[This aspect] signifies a feeling that you must work extremely hard merely to keep your life running smoothly on a day-to-day level. Often this aspect is associated with quite a bit of tension, especially in your muscles, but also in your emotional approach to life. You need to learn that the world is not always a place of struggle and that occasionally it is good to let go and relax.

Even under favorable circumstances, this aspect usually means that you are resistant to change, that you hold on to any situation, no matter how bad, until it is totally intolerable. Then when change does take place, it has to create a revolution and a total breakdown of everything that came before it. You must learn to adapt to circumstances a bit more gracefully and not be afraid of occasional compromise.

This aspect usually does mean that you are tough and can contend with a great deal of adversity, but don’t develop an attitude that makes adversity inevitable.

You may find it difficult to get along with others, because you are unnecessarily afraid of what they want from you. Learn to associate only with people whom you can trust.

(Michael Hutchings of INXS, for example?)

The Rectified Chart

There may have been two reasons for this slight alteration of time: 1) Kylie projects a more ‘look at me’ energy that comes from a Leo Rising; and 2) the Neptune position in her chart represents the age of 10 when she got into showbusiness. But, who’s to know for sure? Certainly the T-squares pointing at Jupiter from the Neptune and Venus/Midheaven oppositions, speaks to me of her world-wide popularity. But the earlier timing only loses the Jupiter/Midheaven square, as the rest is intact.

A similar argument was presented to me about another famous blonde who had Leo Rising in her ‘presumed’ birth chart. People didn’t want to think of her as a woman who wanted to have babies and become a homebody, which was what her ‘real’ birthtime (Cancer) Ascendant showed. So, the public has a way of seeing what they want to see and ignoring the rest. Maybe it’s the same with Kylie.

In 1993, Baz Luhrmann introduced Minogue to photographer Bert Stern, notable for his work with Marilyn Monroe. Stern photographed her in Los Angeles and, comparing her to Monroe, commented that Minogue had a similar mix of vulnerability and eroticism.

Now, try to get this song out of your head.

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