There’s Never Been a Bullhorn Like This One:

Alex Jones (February 11, 1974)

Love him or hate him, Alex Jones‘ voice has been he(a)rd by millions of Americans in a cattle call to bring ‘truth’ to the masses. In his eyes, there are literally millions of conspiracy theories, and this makes him ‘mad as hell’ and ‘he’s not going to take it anymore.’ (Shades of “Network“, I think.)

OK. No one knows what time of day Jones was born. Most set the clock for noon, local time. One person decided to settle on 1:41:31 CDT. This may have been randomized, it may have been rectified, but the issue remains: Central Daylight Time in winter? No, Central Standard Time in 1974. But surprise, surprise! Dallas must have been on daylight savings because even my computer program set the time for that. Hmm.

I randomized this chart, and it happens to be (almost) exactly at 12 noon. This creates three inconjuncts, but they are all dependent on a correct birth time, and therefore might not apply. That Mars in the Taurus 1st House is significant; hence a ‘bullhorn’ expression of his self-interests. The Grand Trine of the Sun/ Jupiter conjunction, the Moon/ Uranus conjunction and Saturn/ South Node conjunction strengthens the way Jones feels about the world and his uncle.

I think he might have done this before in a previous life.

Venus Inconjunct Saturn (definitely)

You need and want love, but you may not be able to get it easily. You may feel that your parents, teachers or other persons in authority make demands on you that you must fulfill before they will give you any love and support. If that is true, it is unfortunate, because you deserve respect and love as much as anyone. Although everyone must fulfill certain social demands, this should not be the condition for being loved. If this demand is carried to an extreme in your case, you will become cold-hearted and unable to love others even when you want to. You may also feel that you cannot indulge yourself in any pleasure or even love. When you are older, you may feel that duty and ambition must come before love and human relationships. Unfortunately, if you follow that path, you will become lonely, and when you realize that you belong to no one and nothing, you will go through a spiritual crisis.

Saturn Inconjunct Midheaven (possibly)

This aspect indicates that you very much need a positive relationship with your parents, especially your father. You should not be disciplined sternly unless you are given lots of love at the same time. Otherwise, giving and receiving love from others will be a real problem for the rest of your life. Unless you are truly supported by your family and friends, you will begin to feel lonely and isolated from others and inferior to them. Also you are likely to have very serious difficulties with authority figures, because you are afraid of how they will treat you, not expecting that anyone will ever give you the loving guidance you need. You will see all authorities only as potential threats to your freedom and as sources of pain and trouble.

Neptune Inconjunct Ascendant (perhaps)

This aspect can be a sign that you feel you must give way to others in order to get along with them. This can take two forms, both of which will be difficult to handle while you are young. The less positive form is simply yielding to all outside pressure and always giving in to others’ desires. This will produce unconscious feelings of resentment that you can’t express, but that make your relationships with others rather difficult. And as you get older, if you do not learn to stand up for your rights, this problem will get worse, because you express your unconscious resentment as a martyred attitude, which makes it impossible for others to appreciate or use anything they get from you. Thus the results of your sacrifice are totally negative, because you are not happy with giving and they are not happy with receiving.

According to a CNN Report, Alex Jones Lies “All the Time”

It’s not about the truth, it’s about the money

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