When You Get Too Close to the Truth

Dorothy Kilgallen (July 3, 1913 – November 8, 1965)

I must have fallen asleep at the wheel in the mid-1960’s. I did not know or hear about the death of this celebrated journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen. Sure, I knew who she was from “What’s My Line?” but I never saw her connection to the investigation into the assassination of JFK. I was alerted to her mysterious death by a Cold Case Tarot reading by Ellie Dreams Down Under, today.

The timing of her death chart is randomized and then flipped to the hour after midnight, since her body wasn’t found until the next day. As my astrologer friend Ellie Adams would say, if she were doing a last seen chart, “The fourth house planets will be a clue as to who did it…” (paraphrased slightly). Mars is the killer. It is in opposition to Jupiter with both squared to a Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. Saturn is also involved. But, even more telling is the Venus/Midheaven connection.

Venus Inconjunct Midheaven

You have a strong need to be loved and to love others as well, but this may cause some problems in your life. You are afraid that if you appear to others as you really are, they won’t accept you.

You are very likely to feel that there is a conflict between what you ought to do in a particular situation and what would be acceptable to the people around you. Later in life, you may see your job, career or profession as a part of your life that is quite separate from your personal relationships with loved ones. This may cause you to neglect one area in favor of the other, instead of trying to create a balance between them.

This same pattern of thinking may make you believe that you must sacrifice pleasure and enjoyment in order to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Here again you cannot afford to let either aspect of your life triumph over the other. Especially as you get older, you should make a conscious effort to find ways to enjoy yourself, be with your friends and loved ones and, at the same time, move toward your goals.

In this combination and comparison of her birth and death charts, I have randomized the birth time to almost 1:00 pm. Hopefully, this will help us see what exactly happened. Immediately, I noticed an interactive Yod pointing at her ‘fatal’ Mars, with inconjuncts to her natal Venus and Neptune. Interesting.

It seems to put the whole process into a nutshell. As Ellie Dreams Down Under suggested, both the FBI and the Mafia were involved in her death (to cover up their participation in JFK’s assassination), but that they used an individual journalist connected to both organizations to carry out the deed. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get too close to the truth.

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