Okay, This is Getting Serious, Now

Julia Drusilla (September 16, 16 AD – June 10, 38 AD)

Hoved fra statue. Portraet af julisk-claudisk prinsesse, Drusilla?

Julia Drusilla was Caligula’s sister. He wanted to make her his co-ruler of the Roman Empire. But she died at the tender age of 21. An auspicious life was cut short by an untimely death.

This timing is obviously rectified. What I was hoping to see was some significant inconjuncts. I wasn’t disappointed. But two of them are time-dependent. The only one we can rely on is the third one:

Uranus Inconjunct Pluto

This aspect indicates changes in the world of the people who were born at these times, changes that were difficult to understand because they were very revolutionary but subtle in many ways.

But Then She Died

Drusilla died on 10 June 38 AD, probably of an illness that was rampant in Rome at the time. Caligula was said never to have left her side throughout her illness and, after she had died, he would not let anyone take away her body.

Caligula was badly affected by the loss. He buried his sister with the honours of an Augusta and acted as a grieving widower. He had the Roman Senate declare her a Goddess, as Diva Drusilla, deifying her as a representation of the Roman goddess Venus or the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Drusilla was consecrated as Panthea, most likely on the anniversary of the birthday of Augustus.

In addition the other honours she was given after her death by Caligula, he also declared a period of mourning. During this time, it became a capital crime to laugh, bathe, or dine with your parents, spouse, or children


Her death chart is set for noon, but I’ll bet it was in the middle of the night, instead. However, 12 o’clock yields an interesting conjunction between the Moon and Neptune, both inconjunct to Uranus. At the same time, the Sun is inconjunct Jupiter. This may be important later.

Guess Who She Came Back As:

Don’t take my word for it: Ahtum Re strikes again! Since I have written about Melania Trump previously, it should be relatively simple to prove or disprove this karmic connection.

Hmm. Interesting line-up, no? It makes another connection rather cryptic: Melania is effectively the reincarnation of a close relative to the Donald’s past life as Nero. See what I mean? These people reincarnated together, as shown by the fact that his first wife, Ivana, was Nero’s wife, Claudia Octavia.

There really is ‘something’ to this research.


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